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Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd. (KTSL) is an Indian information technology and outsourcing company headquartered in Hyderabad, India with offices in United States and Europe.The company reported net revenues of Rs. 7.39 billion with more than 1400 employees.. Kellton Tech is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange [BOM: 519602] and the National Stock Exchange of India, under the symbol KELLTONTEC.

Kellton Tech Solutions acquired Prosoft Technology Group in 2015.


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"Much fewer projects and sales after being bought out. It seems as if projects are either now done at Belden or outsourced as they see fit. Work culture is now sterile, no BBQs, no events, even the annual party has been stripped down."

Senior Project Manager Cum IT Team Leader says

"Small xompany with a lots of thing need to do."

Current Employee - Logistic & Marketing Executive says

"No proper management and leadership"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Loose management. Poor leadership. Undefined roles and goals. ?? Inflated salaries for teniored employees who are unqualified for their role. In-flux between private ownership and corporate take over after acquisition."


"There seem to be certain circles that control what goes on but it could be like that at any company."

Government Contractor at Spawar (Former Employee) says

"This company does not interact with the employees. I really don't know too much more about the company. I'm only going off of my experience that I had with them."

Technical Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Having the daily work load."

Windows/CITRIX Administrator (Former Employee) says

"I have nothing to really to say about Prosoft, other than management seemed didn't have time for you with you have issues. Kinda gave a cold shoulder."

CHOFER (Former Employee) says

"la empresa no es seria se fue sin pagar 3 meses y los pagos siempre fueron tarazados con uno o dos meses Cons: nunca pagaban a tiempo se demoraban 2 mese en pagar"

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